RE/MAX On the River, Inc.


Karen Neve is better known as the Real Estate Buddha by her colleagues (not to mention she shares the same birthday as Buddha). Karen has spent almost her entire work career in real estate. As a past broker/owner, managing sales associates, and working directly with her 500 seller and buyer clients, she has a knack for finding what her clients need and want. Also, Karenís 30 years experience in real estate has prepared her well to recommend valuable resources to help with the decision making process.

For Karen, the greatest compliment she could ever have is the fact that she is now helping children of her past clients. "We have matured together, and I am honored to continue to assist my clients during the changes in their lives.Ē However, if anyone asks how long she has been in the business, she tells, jokingly, that she began right after high school graduation.

Karen has been told by her clients that one of her greatest assets is that she is always calming to her clients no matter how frazzled the transactions can get or how much gray hair they cause. She always has her clientís ultimate goal in mind.


On the lighter side, Karen will tell you that during the buying and selling process we will have some laughs, she promises. Every once in awhile a client will ask her, when does the fun start? Watch out if Karen gets to really know you, you may find hidden treasures on your lawn or in your home (so thatís where the pink flamingos came from?


A successful team concept has always been a goal for Karen to work towards. Not only is it a healthy environment for Karen and her team, it is an ideal situation for the teamís clients, where there are three experienced realtors continuing to exchange ideas on the best plan for their clients to reach and satisfy their goals.